Custom Services:

Local Media Systems

Flat screen, surround sound, high definition, streaming media…

We assemble the components, leaving you with breathtaking picture and sound.

Today’s Media Systems feature High Definition Flat Panel Monitors, Architectural Loudspeakers and streamlined AV components.

Even in rooms that won’t allow for a full Home Theater setup, we can design the highest quality audio/video integration to fit within your parameters and budget.

We begin with the right balance of quality components:

  1. Source Components

    Content delivery is always changing – we design flexible systems that allow for expansion so you can benefit from a constantly advancing technological soundscape.

  2. HD Flat Screen Monitor

    Whether your video comes from Cable, Satellite, Blu-ray Discs, Internet Stream or Home Videos, with HDTV delivered at 1080P you are always viewing the highest quality picture.

  3. Amplification

    New digital technology allows for smaller amplifiers that run cooler. This enables us to design Multi-Channel Systems that operate more efficiently and take up less space.

  4. Speakers

    Loudspeakers will always be the most critical component of your Audio System. Equally important is proper placement and calibration. Utilizing the finest products from the world’s leading manufacturers, we design your Loudspeaker System for optimal sound quality without disrupting your architectural design.

Feel free to contact us for advice on an individual component or a complete integrated system.